These isn't much to say about me really. Which is to say that there is plenty to say, more that I possibly haven't the wish to say it. Or perhaps one can never be sure who wishes to hear it online. Still, as you are here and still reading (you are SURE you have nothing better to do?!) I guess I had better say something. I graduated in computer science and mathematics, though I studied many topics besides. I guess you might say that I find many topics interesting and that I use my humble computer to explore such topics in as much detail as I can get. Failing actual detail I will settle for realistic statistics. And no they assure me that such a thing is not an oxymoron. Though I am not sure that I believe them either. I begun my first City Manager type program early in my first year of University and have ever since continued to develop, refine and experiment with programs to simulate what can, cannot, does, does not, might or might not exist in the real world. It was a disaster. The program mind you, not the year. At least I learned that large arrays were not the best implementation in my first semester! My last program was to simulate a medieval economy in action, taking into consideration birth & death rates, trade, harvesting of raw materials and more things that I cannot even recall. Although the program worked well I dare say it isn't of much use to anyone ..sadly. I couldn't even bring myself to place it here online, as it didn't even seem like a useful GM tool. Eventually I began this website as the place to place programs that I thought might be of interest to others (besides myself - which is possibly why it has so little on it at the moment!) The current project is the next version of the City Manager, something that I hope will be more flexible, make more sense, be user friendly to someone besides me as well be useful and interesting to others. By now this is my 5th version, although the first in C#, so it shouldn't take me too long to complete.