The Pokemon Project

  • The Pokemon Project
  • A handy team building tool. This program calculates the final (level 100) stats of a pokemon (given EVs, IVs and any other modifier + or -). This information is then used to compile lists of pokemon that are threatening, or are threatened, by the given pokemon, depending on the severity of the threat. All sorts of useful and interesting information can be gleaned from this - including how many hits and at what base power each pokemon can except to KO the other (STAB and full damage calculations are taken into account, as are some abilities). Note that the enemy is always considered "Worst Case" and is given max IVs, Evs and the +10% from the correct nature. Items are not taken into account, however the program can handle a string of positive or negative percent based buffs to any stat, including HP, so you could figure out how many pokemon would threaten an OHKO on a given pokemon given +100% to Special Defense and -%50 to Defense .. or any other combonation. All in all, fun and useful. The next version will implement a team builder aspect, calculating the best pokemon to join the team based on what is in the team already (and what it is good or bad against). (C#).

    City Manager

  • City Manager
  • The City Manager takes and extends the rules from the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 PHB II, providing a platform on which to run an entire city, faction by faction, person by person. This program keeps track of each faction in the city, who belongs to it, what action or objective the faction is carrying out, what each faction member is doing and even how each faction feels about any other faction. Moreover, this program chooses Executive Actions (see PHB II) for each faction each "Turn" semi intelligently based on rather lengthy algorithims (and adjusting all stats and variables according to the outcomes), not to mention individual faction members, thus making the job of the humble GM much easier. More importantly this program displays the news from each faction and member after each turn (roughly a month) allowing the DM to give the current political news to the players and construct a story, add hooks or otherwise adjust the game on the fly as required. In short this program is of great help to any GM wanting to design a campaign in which a large number of factions with a great deal of politics is required ..yet the work of keeping track of every faction let alone every member isn't desired. It provides the background politics to any city, perhaps even the foreground politics if you wished to fine tune the variables enough. Certainly I don't claim that the AI is perfect (in fact I am working on a much better and more user friendly version now .. so keep an eye on this space!) but once you learn how this works it really does make life easy. Comments? Please do email me that I might include them in the next version. See the "Contact" page. (Currently in Java, should work in Linux or Windows. Next version promises to be in C#).

    Pokemon Calculator

  • Pokemon Calculator
  • A rather quick program that I designed while trying to build a pokemon team of my own (it suddenly occured to me - surely there is a way of choosing the best theoretically available pokemon for this team, given a team of preexisting pokemon). On first inspection this might appear to be an offline version of what some online pokemon tools already offer, a device that calculates what types your team has STAB bonus over, or does not, as well as what types your team is weak against, resists or is resisted by. However this program does offer that one additional feature - given a set of pokemon it does indeed calculate what it believes the next pokemon should be (the type I mean). The user can dismiss this theoretical pokemon and thus recieve the second best choice, followed by the third and so on until the user accepts. Note that this program does not present actual existing pokemon as options, unlike in the Pokemon Project above, only theoretical ones. Interestingly the program seems to hold the Ice/Fighting type as the best overall. Sadly at the time that I am writing this article, I do not believe that such a pokemon exists. Still, theoretically it should be a pokemon to look out for in the next generation. (Java, should work in Linux or Windows).

    Map Maker

  • Map Maker
  • This map program I wrote so that I could run D&D battles without having to render the worldwide population of rainforest critters homeless. Each round. Although this is a rather simple piece of mapping software it does include two rather fun features, at least, in my opinion. Firstly this program looks for pictures in the appropriate folder when it loads with rather imaginative names .. things like "1" "2" and so on. In so saying this can display almost anything (although you should keep to the file format that I have used). You have a campaign in which lizardfolk of various types are required? No problem. You have drawn your own picture and scanned it into the computer? No problem. Replace any picture you like, under the same name and format, from the example set I have provided and when the Map Maker starts it should show up. Ready to be added to the map like any other item. Secondly, this program attaches to each object (well, nearly) a file containing information. What information you ask? Any written information. When you select the creature the Map Maker opens the correct file and displays the information. It should even save the information when you click on another creature. Thus you can keep all kinds of handy information like, oh I don't know, current HP, level, name, home town, favourite food .. who knows? I wrote it to have a free, easy to use, mapping program to run a battle on. Nothing fancy but sometimes that is what one is after. (Java, should work in Linux or Windows).